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Lesson from American Red Cross Instructor Class

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Lesson from American Red Cross Instructor Class

I spent all of last weekend working on getting certified as an American Red Cross, Health and Safety Instructor. There is no doubt in my mind that I cherish the business of sharing information with others. No matter how tough it may be at times, I love the process, the people, the idea and of course the nerves.  

What I enjoy most is the adrenalin fight. It takes quite a bit of effort to keep the butterflies in your belly flying in the same direction. During my first presentation to the class, I was so nervous that I felt my eyes were spinning like a frisbee in the sky. It turned out, it was not the eyes. It was me.

The class was awesome! We had training executives, miners, teachers, pre-medical students, registered nurses, safety managers and then of course me, a one time, “the silliest student I have ever met” as Dr. Fomin, once said to me . It was very diverse group of high achievers. I wonder what I was really doing there. Haha. To me, the best part was that it was a very competent group of professionals. I do not detest competition in the area of speaking and training, albeit my short comings.

The instructor said, we were the best bunch, she had ever seen in over 5 years of instructing nationally. OK, that was very good to know, it did not matter that the compliment was for the group. To me, I felt like it was all because of me.

One very important thing, I learned from this exceptional group of high achievers is that,  you must bring just you and the true you, to the fold. When you do you do this with passion (provided you have it), with the true you sitting in the chair, the audience will come along

So I went away saying, asking myself, will the true For-mukwai, please stand up! Nobody stood of course. It does not matter that I have short arms, short legs and a goofy accent, am sure folks will get used to this over time. 

Gideon F. For-mukwai, CEM

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