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Leading Indicators of Safety

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Leading Indicators of Safety

Ever wondered whether your organisation is safe enough? How I about I give you 3 ideas to consider wrt your organisation ‘s relative safety (health) today?

How much you allocate dot support safety tells us how much you care about safety. Period. It is an indicator of success on where you stand. If you doubt me, suspend your safety budget and watch what will happen to your organization. Kaboom! Kaput!

Safety audits are like health check ups! It’s that simple! They tell you where you stand.
It is also an indication of the health of your organisation. In some corp cultures, people need to be reminded – its called compliance. In others, we don’t. It called commitment!

Senior management sets the tone of all. It can make or break safety. If the man with a big pay package does not care about safety, WTF! Who am I to care when I earn peanuts? The staff mirrors back what the fat-check earners do. Fat cat sleeps, me sleeps. ?

Other Reasons Why Safety Indicators are Important?
• Reveal weaknesses in advance of adverse events
• Initiate proactive mitigation and
• Support risk managers in doing what they paid to do