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Lady Gaga: Weirdo or Branding Icon

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Lady Gaga: Weirdo or Branding Icon

what do you think of lady gaga ‘s increasingly unorthodox style? i guess, it all depends on who answers that question and how he or she views lady gaga.

her die heart fans and fanatics will tell you that she is a fashion goddess and a branding icon par excellence. on the other hand, her haters will say she is a weirdo from ‘weirdom’.

whatever you think about her, does not matter. she will come out next time around looking very different from the previous time you saw her in public. the only constant about her is unprecedented change in what she wears and does not wear.

who knows where she goes for shopping. certainly not where you and go shopping. from her outfits, hair do and everything external, she is the alter chameleon. well, perhaps, she is a human chameleon that changes depending of the events.

without diagnosing who she is as person, what her agenda is and all that, i believe there  are some communication and branding lessons that can learned from lady gaga ‘s unorthodox style and persona.

lesson 1: stand out

she has perfected the ‘art of standing out’ into an art and science of her own. everything about her persona is carefully thought-through: make up, outfits, hair do and so on.

for all these antics, she gets her fair share of free press.

given the fact that she stands out from the crow, everybody talks about her, thereby reinforcing her brand. she gets free and her ‘message’ spreads from mouth to mouth.

lesson 2: be unpredictable

she is consistently unpredictable. even her wardrobe never malfunctions. each time she steps out, you can expect to see a different color, design, hat etc. as a result, you will not suffer from any star fatigue as far as lady gaga is concerned.

as a communicator, you can learn from lady gaga. perhaps you can use some twists and turns your delivery so that you can continue to to amaze your audience.

lesson 3: be unconventional and uncontainable

apparently, she feeds on her larger than life personality. it is hard to tell if she is more interested in herself as a performer or a person. she seems to transcend both worlds remarkably well.

as a communicator, are you a performer or are you the normal person? if you can choose who you are, no matter how unconventional you are, the audience will come along.


though i personally think that she has been hugging the limelight for way too long with her antics, i do respect the fact that she puts time into crafting her every single surprise.