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Humor = Health = Happiness

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Humor = Health = Happiness

Research shows that people who believe in the positive impact of humor experience benefits such less pain.  Hmmm, sounds like humor is a kind of pain killer or a form of alternative medicine.


In a study of 176 students, it was found that students with a sense of humor tended to  have lower levels of stress. More importantly, they also had a brighter outlook on life ; and with higher levels of hope, optimism and happiness.


In another study, 100 undergraduate students were shown a Seinfeld comedy episode. Students who had been told humor lessens pain and discomfort, experienced lower blood pressure.  The other participants who had been told that humor will increase their pain and discomfort level, experienced higher blood pressure readings.


In other words, someone ‘s expectations of pain tolerance can actually influence the actual rate. How about you? Do you believe that humor can lessen or increase your pain tolerance? This is worth trying…


In a Japanese study, it was found that laughter decreased the level of blood prorenin in Type 2 diabetes cases. Prorenin receptor genes (bonding agents) result in elevated levels of protein, increased with laughter by 1.49 fold in participants with diabetes, whereas there were no significant changes in participants without diabetes.


I will like to know your personal feelings or observations on this issue, if you have a clear perspective.  Humor is not just a laughing matter, it is also a heath matter.