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How to Use Social Media in Connecting with Gen Y Relatives

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How to Use Social Media in Connecting with Gen Y Relatives

How well do you engage and communicate with your teenage and college age nephews, nieces, cousins, grand sons and daughters? Have you ever considered using social media to keep in touch (connect) with your kids or grand kids?

Social media and social networking sites can be a very effective way for you connect and communicate with your Generation Y children, friends or nephews and nieces. Social media is increasingly an invincible bridge that can allow you to reach out to them.  Unlike their older cousin mass media, social media gives you the opportunity to share ideas, stories, experiences with them, on a one to one basis.

5 Ways Social Media Will Bridge The Gap Between You and Your Gen Y Relatives

Ice breaker

Social media can break the ice between you and your Gen Y children or relatives. If you ask to join their network, in most cases, they will be pleasantly surprised to know that you are interested in being friend on Facebook or a follower on Twitter. When they let you join their ‘gang of friends,’ you can be sure that any icy relationship will thaw up over time.


Social media allows you to stay tuned to their challenges, their fears and aspirations. New social media platforms allow you the possibility of having a direct link, bridge or path through which to extend encouragements, and to support their inspiration. Through Facebook, you may also get know more about what issues they are facing.

Cool effect

By joining a social networking site, you are also making a fashion statement that you are youthful at heart to your Gen Y relatives. It may also imply that you are “cool.” They will be delighted to know that ‘old dogs can learn new tricks.’


Social media now offers a new opportunity for you to monitor what kind of activities your children or grand children are part of. If they are being lured into a gang or some negative activity, you may get some clues based on their updates and posts on social networks. How useful is that?

Family fun Site

Take for example Flickr, youtube or vimeo, you can use one of these sites to upload some compelling and fun family moments with your children. This is a great place to share your photos from visiting the Great Wall of China. By sharing and getting comments, this is one way of bonding or connecting with them.

To a large extent, social media is a channel through which to connect and communicate effectively with your Gen Y friends, pals and relatives.