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How to Link Personal Story to Business Story

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How to Link Personal Story to Business Story

Question 9
How can I link my personal story to my business or social enterprise story?


It is possible to link your personal story to your business by showing how a personal frustration inspired a business solution. You can do this by first drawing your audience into your igniting incident.


An igniting incident is an incident or an experience that prompted the creation of your business. In this case, you created the business so that other people do not get to suffer the pain you did.


A while back my friend ’s wife suffered a tragedy. While she was cooking diner, the grand child was playing behind the house. When she got out of the kitchen, she found the child floating on water. The child had drowned in one of the open pools behind their house.


The lady was so traumatized. For months, she could not recover from that incident. After a while, she started a pool safety campaign help other families in her city to prevent such a tragedy.


When she found out that it was a national issue, she registered a business in honour of her diseased grand-child. She reached out to other parts of USA to help families learn about pool safety.


The igniting incident for her business was the drowning of the grand-child. Without that incident, she would not have been in that type of business. Thus, the fruition that gave birth to the solution.


This can be done by narrating what happened in a poignant way. Draw the audience to the scene and help them to feel the emotions. Let the audience feel your pain, your desperation and tragedy.


Beyond the tragedy, and that pain, give the audience hope. That hope is your business or social enterprise story. Both are linked, like a child and the mother ’s umbilical cord.


The best way to transcend the tragedy is by turning your personal pain into public gain. For instance you can say, “out of the trauma of losing our grand son, we hope to help other families be safe, not sorry.” That single statement bridges the personal and public i.e. business story.

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