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How to Link Back Story to Business Story

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How to Link Back Story to Business Story

Question #10
How can I tell my back story in relation to my business story?

The story behind your business is what I call the back story or igniting incident. It is the story that separates you from any one else in the same line of business. Some authors call it the genesis story, the origin story. Whatever name you call it, I believe you should tell it to capture the imagination of your audience.


It is your job to do three things: draw the audience into the scene, help them to appreciate what is at stake, and then show them the silver lining.


So how do you draw the audience into the scene? Craig Valentine, the1999 World Champion of Public Speaking, talks about VAKS an acronym for “visual,” “auditory,” “kinesthetic” and “smell.” Vaks helps you to fully engage and immerse your an audience. It awakens their senses of sight, hearing, touch, and smell.


When this is done well, it enables the audience to connect deeper with you sensually. They get to feel your the pain, your fears and the frustration you experienced. This serves to underlie the importance of why you decided to take action, ie to avoid similar pain in future.

Further, you also need to help the audience see what is at stake? Is it a career or family at stake. By painting this picture, the audience gets to see and feel the impact of action or inaction. You can do this by highlighting the moral or ethical implications and the urgency of taking action now.


You end by showing the silver-lining behind the very dark clouds of that experience. Ideally, the silver lining is the business or cause you are championing. By casting your business as the solution, you are inevitably asking the audience to come join you in defeating the forces of darkness that have besieged your world.


At its very core, the story behind your business shows a broken world that only your business can repair. In other your business is the protagonist that wants to take the risk to heal a broken world. When you do that well, the world will beat path to your door.


I think this is how Martin Lurther King and Steve Jobs did it. That’s how can do it as well.