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How My Friend Landed a Big Tech Job with His Backstory

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How My Friend Landed a Big Tech Job with His Backstory

backstoryTechnical expertise,                                                                                                                                                                                 Is no longer enough
That much, am sure you know.

Let me tell you about my friend Andrew,
In less than 143 days, he ‘ll get a terminal degree
A PhD in engineering!

Some people refer to PhD holders as
People with “Permanent Head Damage”
For my friend, he is a mensch.

When he first came to America,
All he wanted was to get a master ’s degree
And return home to Africa.

Little did he know Uncle Sam
Had other plans for him.
Sooner than later, he found out.

Unlike most hermitic engineers,
Andrew is a deep diver, he loves to dive deep to learn
Arts, communication, leadership, storytelling …

He is good with numbers and decimals,
Great with people of all backgrounds,
Yet at home with words.

Cool of temperament and deep in thought
He soaks up all he learns ASAP
And wants all he learns.

In that process, he bags top honors
In S]speaking, leadership, design…
A silent force to reckon with.

In comes unprecedented scholastic friction
He tumbles into a deep and dark depression
Health, finances, and faith fell apart

He gasps for air,
Clutches the brakes
Grips the handles, but all falls apart

Cries out for help but there is no ear,
He stumbles deep down to dark basement 3. Its scary!
Smoke-logged, no staircase and he is choking of hot and filthy air

He searches, but finds no door nor any window,
Knocks hard, but there is no answer, only silence
Calls out loud, but there is no helper

Then one chilly spring morning
While still crawling at the bottomless pit
He gets a job interview, he goes in.

It crashes. He is devastated!
In his solitude, he looks higher up
Applies yet again for a much higher level job
Gets another interview and nails it, thanks to one decisive question.
Chief interviewer: this job is beyond engineering
How good of a communicator are you?

Andrew smiles, “I believe I am…”
He tells the panel his back story and his journey from Africa
From a clueless engineer to an award-winning communicator

Pulls out samples of his publications,
Copies of his speaking and leadership awards
Panels nodes in recogniton

The interviewers take a deep breathe
Promising to reply in a month
But call him back in days

Andrew you have the job,
Welcome to the real world!
He used his backstory..

Now, how about you?
Tell me your backstory
The world is listening…