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How Long Should a Business Story Last?

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How Long Should a Business Story Last?

audienceIn a business setting, a story should last averagely 3 minutes. However, in a non-business setting, it can be longer. A story is like a song or an invisible instrument. When it is too long, people lose interest in it.


Before examining the significance of a 3-minutes business story, it is important to think about the purpose of the story. All stories are not born the same. Some are conceived to engage, while others are crafted to persuade or entertain.


Engaging Story:
If a story is aimed at introducing an issue or situation, you could choose an anecdote that engages audiences. In such a case, the story could be a minute long or less, after all, it is just meant to introduce an issue.


Persuasive Story:
Sometimes, the need arises to influence your audience. Such a story goes beyond engaging. Such a story could portray a hero who undergoes transformation, thanks struggles that enable the hero to acquire a new understanding of life.


Entertaining Story:
An entertaining story can be both engaging and entertaining. Its primary goal is not to persuade. An entertaining story could be an embarrassing or self deprecating experience.


Whatever type of story you choose, remember to craft and test it out to before taking it to the big stage. If you are serious about the quality of your story, know that you can’t skip the element of writing and testing it carefully.


To sum it up, as a rule of the thumb, a business story should last about 3 minutes long. A good story well-told can open doors that no Ivy-League education can. Take your story very seriously.