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How do I choose which message to present to my audience?

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How do I choose which message to present to my audience?

Mongongo nut fruitsDay 3 Challenge
Burning Question: How do I choose which message to present to my audience?
I ‘d say it all depends on whether you are speaking to the Eskimos of the Greenland or the Bushmen of the Kalahari Desert. Do you want to be known as the guy who sold snow to the Eskimos? That ‘s like selling the a mongongo nut to the Bushmen? Hahaha. You get the point.

Just like trainers do a Training Needs Analysis, I believe as a business storyteller you need to do some kind of internal need analysis to figure out what the audience would be receptive to. One way to do this is do a DIRE analysis, something I do for every speech. What does it stand for?

Distressing situation: This is something you identify that is stressing out the audience. By coining a message that reflects their pain, it shows sympathy. It tells them, I care.
Interest: This captures their aspirations. If you can figure out what is that inspires them, you can better present a message that re-assures or encourages them to reach their destination.
Results: What is that they what to see practically in their lives? What kind of outcome? By addressing the specifics of the
Elevate: Always end with a message that is enduring, empowering and elevating. This will help them remember you for a long time. Such a messages sets their brain on fire.

Leave a comment on how you think you can apply this in pitching your message to your next audience.