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How can my business get closer to clients worldwide by using storytelling effectively?

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How can my business get closer to clients worldwide by using storytelling effectively?

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How can my business get closer to clients worldwide by using story telling effectively?
Effective storytelling enables your business to benefit from developing a stronger connection, differentiation, and retention in the minds of customers. About 81% of clients search online before making a purchase. There is a good chance that your prospects are checking you out online.


Would you want to stand out? Do you want to be memorable and different from the myriad of websites online today? That is where your story comes, because everyone ‘s story is different.


Perception is reality, they say. This means if a local or global client makes contact with your business online, if our story is written well, this increases the chance for your prospect in developing an emotional connection or in interest in your company.
Thus in crafting your story, pay attention to your back-story because it enhances the possibility of your prospects liking you and to start rooting for you to succeed. Have you ever rooted for character in a movie? A well crafted story about the founder gets the prospect to root for your succcess.


By differentiation, I mean that your story enables you to stand out from all other companies providing similar services like yours. A well-written humanizes your company. It gets the prospect to feel that you real, and not just a faceless, ruthless money-making machine. When you humanize and humourize, you surprise your prospect because organizations don’t do that today.
One way to humanize is to share a bit about the lives of the people behind the products, keeping it real.


A few minutes after a client visited your website, will they still remember you? Was there something about you that was unique and memorable. Neurological studies show that our brains remember stories more because they help us to make sense of life. In crafting your story, drop in bits and pieces of “social currency” ie unique facts that are easy to remember and to use in starting a conversation. “Do you know that Singapore went from third world to first in one generation?” That’s an example of social currency!


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