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How can I use a story to get my ideas and points across to the listening party?

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How can I use a story to get my ideas and points across to the listening party?

Attracting Customers with Your Story: 21 Burning Questions Business Owners Ask

Here is Question No. 1


Have you ever tried to explain a difficult concept to some one with limited knowledge? My Mom once asked me, “What is Internet?” I stuttered for an answer, especially because she did not have formal education. In other words, I had limited pre-existing references to draw upon.


That is where the importance of story comes in. A story is an experience shared to illustrate, clarify or influence someone. In the case of my mother, I told her that the Internet is an invisible information road network. I drew upon her pre-existing knowledge of the complex road network in our home city.


With that picture of the road network in her mind, I explained that instead of goods, the invisible network carries information via wires and cables. I also said, unlike real world networks, the Internet is faster and the information sent is received in matter of seconds around worldwide.


“Ah that is so interesting. Now, I think I understand it for the first time,” she said. That was very heart warming to me. Without the mini-story and metaphor of road network, it would have been very tough for me to convey the idea of Internet to her.

I ‘ve used this example to show how you can use a story as a bridge or a metaphor to express your ideas, or share basic information with another party. The special advantage a story offers is that, it enables you to engage both the mental and emotional faculties of your listener.


Thus, a well told story gives you the unique opportunity to frame or phrase an issue in a way that is favorable to you. If you choose the wrong frame, your listener might not understand your idea well. On the other hand, if you choose a good frame, you can easily establish rapport with the listener.


In conclusion, I would say if you want to excel in using story telling, always take note of things that happen to you in life, and the lessons you learn from them. Consider keeping a journal with events, metaphors, and lessons learnt. This is a powerful resource for frequent business use.
Share with me one tough idea, you ‘d like to use story to express. Thanks.