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Here Comes Springboard E-Newsletter

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Here Comes Springboard E-Newsletter

Earlier in 2011, I wanted to start “Vantage Point” e-newsletter. By mid year, I thought that name fell short of the depth and breadth of issues to be covered.

In July, I came to the conclusion that “Springboard” will be a better name for an e- newsletter that seeks to share, educate and uplift my friends, fans and followers.

Springboard is here to inform, encourage and inspire as you face change with courage. It captures the magic, tragic, and hilarious moments that humble and affable.

In Springboard, I ‘ll share stories, ideas and lessons learned from life. If you ask me, what is special about Springboard, I’ll say, I want it to be truly authentic to the core.

If you love overcoming challenges, then Springboard is for you. If you want to turn your setbacks into springboards, I promise this will be a worthwhile torchlight for you.

I see myself as a forum facilitator and chief encourager. Your role is be an active participant. If you have some stories that can uplift us, you re welcome to share!

If only one person benefits from this newsletter every month, that will be our barometer of success. Together, lets find the springboards that are hidden in the setbacks.

Gideon F. For-mukwai
Radically committed to Resiliency