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Handle Negative Comments with Goodwill

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Handle Negative Comments with Goodwill

If you scratch beneath the angry and negative comments, you will see humanity.
For this reason, always treat all your comments with goodwill.
Goodwill begets goodwill.

US research showed that 68% of those who posted a negative comment got reply or feedback. 18% of that became loyal customers and bought even more. Trust. 33% went on to post positive reviews and 34% deleted their original negative comment or review.

Based on this finding and all that I have been exposed to, I believe that it is critical to treat comments respectfully. If someone cares enough to vent his frustration, he or she deserves better.

Here are 3 other ways you can deal with negative comments to emerge better from the experience.

Be Resourceful.
By this I mean that you must express to the commenter that you are finding or attempting to find a solution to their request or problem. Not only is that re-assuring, it also shows that you have their best interest at heart.

Be Trustworthy.
Just like offline, remember to be trustworthy. It strengthens the fragile bonds of online relationships. Without that trust, there will be no social capital. In other words, there will be no social capital and hence no trust for online purchase, sharing, and liking.

Be Personable
In dealing with personal issues, be personable and avoid “corporate speak.” Avoid using canned phrases that portray that no human being has taken time to read and understand a complain. By being personable, you help the victim put a human touch to their problem.