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4 Tech Tools to Beat the Cyber Bullies

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4 Tech Tools to Beat the Cyber Bullies

What is the biggest fear American parents have for their children?
Care.com says that cyber bullying is the #1 fear American parents have for children between 12-17. It used to be the fear of abduction or kidnapping. The times have changed. With more and more youth and teens using smart phones kidnapping has become a thing of the past.

Are you a parent, grand-parent or educator? Do you have a young person in your life that you are worried about their safety? I have some ideas for you. Here are four tech applications that can make your life less stressful.


Gogostat is a Facebook app that runs on smart phones like iphones. It enables you to monitor if your child is bullying someone or is being bullied. In essence, this app gives you the opportunity to exercise parental control with respect to your child ‘s friending relationships, status monitoring, photos and photo-tagging, profile security and above all generate emergency reports that can be shared with law enforcement, if need be.


This app allows you add the profile of your child or children to the system. In case of an emergency, you can send a quick notification to both your social network contacts and law enforcement. The best part of this tool is that it enables you to generate an iChildAlert Poster that you can print with the possibility of adding fingerprints, dental formula and other key features . Armed with this critical information in a short time, you can then distribute it to friends and family via email or text messages.


Glympse is a location-based app that enables you and your family, friends and colleagues to share your whereabouts. It comes with an interactive map that keeps you posted on the whereabouts of your kids. With this app, you should be able to know if your child is skipping school. This information is shared privately, so don’t worry that your ex will ambush you for any past grudges.

Bullguard Mobile Security

This is a parental control app combined with a web service that monitors the Internet with respect to messages, photos and online content downloaded. The next time your child downloads music from an illegal site, you should be able to know. One down side is that the GPS works regularly in the background; this can significantly reduce your battery life.