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Flip Approach to Dealing with Negative Online Reviews

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Flip Approach to Dealing with Negative Online Reviews

“You service sucks! Your staff are irritating and disgusting!”
What if you find such comments on a review site like Yelp or PissedConsumer about your service? Such comments invite fury, your blood pressure rises sharply and before you snap…

Think beyond the frustration. How can you mitigate the situation? Yell back at them, take legal action or call 911? Haha! Sorry you can’t even ambush, him or her. It was signed by the world famous Mr. Anonymous. Ouch!

Here is my take. Don’t freak out, flip the switch. A stumble in the park is better than stampede at the mall? I recommend you “Flip” the switch. By this, I mean you perform a turnaround for the better. Stand stands for:

Flood the ship
If you can’t extinguish a fire in cargo hold, flood it with cool water. Eventually the cool water will neutralise the hot ambers. Do this by generating numerous positive reviews about your service or organisation in the same space. Flip the light switch and watch darkness disappear.
Learn strategy
Please, acknowledge without fighting back like a bull or bulldog. Thank the person and say you are sorry to them. More importantly, state clearly what you have learned or done to improve things. This shows potential customers that you are positive and willing to fight the darkness.

Invite strategy
As much as possible, always ask for reviews from customers. Tell them to be honest and not make it fluffy. No organisation is perfect! You can do this via Facebook, Twitter, and QR Code. Remember online reviews are live and have lifespan longer than those stored in the cabinet.
Prime strategy
This strategy requires you to seek internal and external help in priming or setting up the necessary changes so the incident never happens again. This is about engaging and involving all parties concerned to do what is right. Its about the future, not the past.