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Facebook Fights Cyber Bullies

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Facebook Fights Cyber Bullies

in a bid to keep cyber bullies cyber-bullying bay, facebook has unveiled new tool to enable teenagers deal with cyber bullies.

previously if you were bullied, you could only notify facebook. that was not a very effective way of getting immediate help. now, you don’t have to wait that long.

with a three prong-approach, facebook now allows a victim to report the incident: facebook, a trusted authority and or notify the perpetrator.

besides reporting, facebook has also expanded its role in fighting cyber bullying. it has revamped its safety center enabling to include new content and videos on prevention.

the safety team will also work with experts in helping get support from online communities that can easily deal with the problem before it lingers on for too long.

the new changes have been made possible through partnerships between facebook and LGBT groups and advocates following last year ‘s gay victims of cyber bullying.