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EMICUS Aggregates Disaster News

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EMICUS Aggregates Disaster News

Gone are the days when you had to browse several sites to view latest updates about a particular disaster. EMICUS is an emerging system that consolidates everything for you.


– As long you can breathe, you can send a word to your family that you are OK, provided you can send a text message. The system will broadcast it to all your family members, friends, followers that well-wishers via FB, Twiter that you are OK.

Gauge PPP people, places & photos

What if you are traveling in a new city that will be hit by a hurricane. What will you do? Stop and ask for directions? OK that is fine but do you know that lots of people barely know their way to their grand ma ‘s place and their gal friends because they go there often for dinner?

If you want to know where a public shelter, gas, food, and more, EMICUS can help you.  It is like your GPS.

Information Portal

With this feature, your company can broadcast a message like run and take cover or evacuate now to all your staff and employees using yesterday and today ‘s technologies. In this way people at multiple locations can receive the same message ASAP.

Platform of platforms

Because everyday citizens can access it and co-create and distribute content, everyone has suddenly become a reporter of sorts. Instead of a few reporters for major news corporations, we have a few hundred or thousand citizens with raw facts about realtime traffic or fire.

Lifeline for crowdsourcing

EMICUS combines information from both their system and other social media sites to create a pool of information that few can rival. This power of pooling from the crowd, listening and capturing a full view of an incident in text, graphics and video is extremely in getting the full picture of an incident.

If you like to check out a disaster news aggregator, go check out emicus.com.

Gideon F. For-mukwai,CEM

Preparedness Champion