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Early Detection + Early Action = Safe Environment

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Early Detection + Early Action = Safe Environment

I once fought a raging aircon fire in a chemical lab. After the fire was over, I conducted an investigation. We found that the fire had been waiting to happen for well over 6 months. Several times, the office employees had seen sparks of fire from the aircon unit. They reported to management. You know what management did, don’t you? “Nada,” nothing, zero.”

I am sure someone in management had a chuckle over the report- perhaps grumbling to himself, I am paid big to look after big things OK. Heck! That is not one of my KPIs!”

With that lesson at the back of my mind, I was delighted this week to learn that LTA is insisting that SMRT takes precautionary action. LTA called on SMRT on take immediate safety action to mitigate the cracks on rails.

According to Straits Times, “SMRT will be replacing the third rails at those locations where the cracks are more visible with immediate effect.” Waoh! Someone at last gets it. If we prevent, the bad things will seldom happen. If we ignore, we get calls at 3.am to fight a lab fire, like the one I had.

Cracks are significant because they can disrupt power supply. The cracks are like the aircon unit fire. The sparks were a precursor that something is not right. A panel of experts had found one crack along the along the 15 December incident site.

Early Detection + Early Mitigation = Safer Workplace
Early Detection + No Action = Hazardous Workplace