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Do Be “Exposed”

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Do Be “Exposed”

Have you ever had to pay $28.8, for not asking a question?
I believe, in life, when you fail to ask, you ask to fail.

That morning; I got up at 6am! I literally ran into the shower and turned on the water half-asleep. I knew it was going to be a long ride to get to Singapore Expo in time to help Nat, my business associate in setting up the training room.

The night before, he called me and said, “Gideon, this is to confirm our event tomorrow at Singapore Expo. Please, come a little early so that we set up in time.”

Ladies and gentlemen, prior to that call, I our event holds at MBS Expo. Given the timing of the call, I thought there was a change in venue. I hesitated and did not ask, “Nat, is that a change in venue?”

After an hour on the train, I alighted and changed the train to take the one that will take me to SG Expo. I got there 15 minutes early. I was so proud of myself that I do not have to be an embarrassment to Nat. With 15 minutes on hand I have enough time to find the room and walk over, sit down and put my thoughts together before Nat arrives.

I walked over to the Security Counter and asked, “Hi M’am, where is the Bedoni Room?”
“Sorry, but sir, there is no room here like that.”
Confidently, I said, “How about you check with your other colleague on the walkie talkie?”
She complied but comes back to me saying, “Sir, there is no Bedoni room here.”

I was frantic. I called Nat, but he did no take. I called his PA, no response. I called again to leave a voicemail, no response. I finally got Nat ‘ PA on the phone and asked,
“Hey Wen, was there a change in the venue?”
In my desperation and breathlessness, I ran over over to the taxi stand, caught a cab and started the journey from the East to the South of Singapore. I arrived 28 minutes late and paid $28.8. Inside, I was very upset, but outside I was acting like a cool cucumber.

I kid you not, that day I blushed 3 times in 1 hour. One of the greatest advantages of being a black guy is that no matter how many times I blush, you will never know.

Have you ever had to pay $28.8, for not asking a simple question?
In life, when you fail to ask, you ask to fail.