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Crafting Founder ’s Story

As part of my story crafting program, I have crafted stories about business leaders in Africa, Asia and America. I specialize in crafting stories about founders or individuals who have started new projects, programs or movements. It does not have to big.

All great ideas start smal. When your story resonates, it attracts more people to buy-in.

Do you have a brilliant idea, you are struggling at expressing or an idea you have started selling without having a coherent story behind it? If you are looking to tell your story and why people need to talk to you, you are in the right place.


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Website Copywriting

Are you running a campaign?

Do you have some past successful customers?

Have you ever delivered a satisfactory project that gained positive reviews?

It is time to tell that story to others who are in need of the solution that you provide.I can help you tell that story in such a way that it doubles or triples your buzz in the market and hence lead generation.

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