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Testimonials 2015

What Others Are Sayingin the interest of full disclosure

Gideon ’s ability to simplify storytelling is stunning. He combines story telling with empowerment. His message not only informs, but inspires. I think his style and approach deserves far more recognition.

Richard Giam
Singapore Management University

Your message challenged and inspired me profoundly. It got me thinking. Here comes someone who can really teach what many only ramble about.

Xiu Fen Lee, Ms.
Economic Development Board

Storytelling is my secret weapon in my Facebook postings.

I try to be authentic, vulnerable, and to share fragments of my story. I believe my message resonates with the readers because my membership has rising and rising. That’s why I follow Gideon ’s work with deep interest.

Sam Choo,
Internet Marketer, Singapore

Using what I learned from Gideon, I was able to improve the structure of my orientation programme. I was very pleasantly surprised how my audience listened intently. Mr Gideon is a sincere gentleman and I thank him.

TTC Darin

Gideon is by far the most captivating, engaging and mesmerizing story expert I have known. He knows how to analyze, synthesize and wrap a compelling story around a concept. As the Story Warrior in my reality game, The Awakening of Heroes, I have adopted many of his narrative ideas and strategies.

Anm Pek
Author of The Secret Code
Founder of Storieszing