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Child Safety is Not Child ‘s Play

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Child Safety is Not Child ‘s Play

By Gideon F. For-mukwai, CEM

In the age of Web 2.0 technologies with MMS phones,

In an era that teenagers have become screenagers and spend all day facing screens,

‘Sexting’ is on the rise, and parents need to know how to deal with kids who are vulnerable.

Cell Phone and Online Teen Safety is an Issue
Cell Phone and Online Teen Safety is an Issue

Have you heard about the latest cybercrime ‘sexting’? Sexting is a new type of cyber crime in which children (often minors) share nude digital photos via cell phones with their friends. Sexting is on the rise nationwide. Right here in Washoe County, a number of people are facing the law for involving in this criminal activity that sometimes leads to stalking, bullying or rape. 

Reno Gazette Journal reports about a recent meeting in Reno, organized by Girls Scouts of Sierra Nevada to educate parents about ‘sexting’,#mce_temp_url#   It is very important that parents and teachers learn about this to enhance family and school safety. If you do not have knowledge of this, you will be unable to deal with it.

In order to prevent your child from falling prey to sexting, you need to educate your child about the consequences of transmitting nude  digital photos. As children, they can lose their academic or sport scholarships. It can also result to child pornography.

4 Things You Need To Know About Cyber Safety:

  • Advise your child to refrain from taking nude pictures of themselves
  • Engage and educate your child on digital activities through your own involvement in MySpace, Facebook et al
  • Advise your child NOT to share indecent pictures of themselves with anybody (unless good enough for parents)
  • Inform your child to report cases of nude digital photos to school counselor or else face consequences

For more information about bout to educate your kids about digital safety, you may check out: stop cyber bullying or netsmartz.

Keep learning about digital safety

Our children are going through a lot today.

Never under estimate the importance of advice.