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Beware of Your FK Score in 2015

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Beware of Your FK Score in 2015

writeHave you ever heard of the FK Score? BTW, this is not some kind of credit score. Neither, is it your rebranded SAT score. This can impact your business, so pay attention.

The Flesch-Kincaid (FK) scale is a statistical measure of simplicity of expression. The lower your score, the better. Get that? Simplicity of expression — good writing and readability.

Ideally, you should aim for a score of 8. A score of 9, 10, 11, or 12 means your writing is more difficult to grasp. In other words, you may be losing some members of your audience or readership.

Do you want to better communicate? Do you want to win the hearts and minds of your customers? You can’t do that, unless they understand you. For this reason, your FK score is important.

When you blog, talk or email, beware of your choice of words. Use simple mono-sylable words. If an 8th grader is sitting in your audience, or on your email list, will he or she understand you?

You never know, maybe some of your clients did not go beyond 8th grade. So keep it simple. No fussing, no puffing. Keep all your $50 words at home. Better still, save them in your bank – I mean your memory.

So what are the factors used in calculating the FK Score?
words per sentence
average number of syllables per sentence
frequency of passive constructions
complex constructions

Perhaps, you are wondering- will this FK Score thing help me to express my big ideas? Will it compromise my message? It may take you longer to simplify things. But, it is worth doing. I tell you why.

Even Mr Obama uses the FK Score in prepping his State of the Union speeches. Yes, he does. Have you heard of Steve Sjuggerud’s investment newsletter? This guy has over 70,000 subscribers!

Not only that but, he gets over a 70% re-subcription rate! What is Steve ’s secret weapon? When he started out, he committed himself to keeping it simple. He does, and am told he scores around 8.0

I am committed to lowering my FK Score this year as am committed to lowering my waistline. I want more subscribers. Do you want more subscribers? Then commit to lowering your FK Score ideas.

Ok, I ‘ve gotta go. Use this idea to win the hearts and minds of your prospects for profit and for a purpose.
Let’s do this in 2015!

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