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Behind Every Hobby There is a Job

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Behind Every Hobby There is a Job

“Pain reveals genius, prosperity conceals it.” Horace

A couple of years ago, Gary Williamson moved from Pep, New Mexico to Reno, Nevada to help his daughter attend a school for highly talented and gifted kids.

The move was easy, but finding a job was not that easy. He joined professional networks and got busy fine-tuning his resume to meet employers’ needs. It got tougher!

Apparently, when America sneezes, Nevada catches a cold. Gary ‘s move coincided with a deep slump in Nevada ‘s economic health: high unemployment, foreclosures etc.

Years ago, he was a rancher, working on a family business in New Mexico. When his family business folded up, he worked 8 years on a neighbor ‘s ranch. Times were good.

“As a rancher, you get to work a lot with your hands,” Gary told me. It was a natural skill for him and he did not think much of it.

Over the years, Gary fixed things around the house. If they could not afford a particular piece of furniture, he made. If it was broken, he fixed it in his spare time.

His handyman skills came handy, when they bought their home in Nevada. With the slow job market, he spent a lot of time fixing things around their house.

Two years ago, he teamed up with a friend to start a new handyman business. They called it Renohomeimprovements to help with home renovations and handy jobs.

The partnership is paying off. They have fixed floors, cabinets, custom display boxes and fences for clients. Growth has been slow, but this summer they ‘ve been busy.

Renonhomeinprovements, is a growing entity, it now yields about 15-20% of the household income for the Williamsons, without having spent a penny on promotion.

I am tempted to conclude Gary ‘s hobby has a future. It has legs. It can go places. It is showing signs of growth in a recession. What will happen if the economy picks up?

Do you have a hobby? What does this mean to you? What if you could monetize your own hobby today? I see 5 lessons we can learn from Gary.

5 Lessons from Gary:
1 Behind every hobby, there is a job
2 It pays to test an idea in your backyard or garage
3 Partnering strengthens your competitive advantage
4 Many hobbies can be monetized, if you can fill a need.
5 No income is too small to plug a hole in the household budget