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PowerPoint Lacks the Power to Make a Point

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PowerPoint Lacks the Power to Make a Point

PowerPointIt is about time we ditch PowerPoint from boardrooms and classrooms.

PowerPoint Lacks the Power to to Make a Point

Consider for a moment-
What if President Kennedy had given the speech,
“We choose to go to the moon,” by clicking PowerPoint slides?
I bet if he had, NASA scientists would not have gone to the moon yet.

PowerPoint lacks the power to make a point.

What if President Regan had gone to Berlin with slides in tow to click and say, “Gorbachev, tear down this wall!”
I bet, if he ‘d done that, the Berlin Wall will still be standing today.

Let’s face it,
PowerPoint lacks power to make a point


PowerPoint is very much like the Berlin Wall.

When I think of how many yawns, frowns and pounds of wisdom have been lost, thanks to                                                                                    PowerPoint in boardrooms, showrooms and classrooms, I am disgusted.
Many clowns have flown this fake flag to blind us.


Don’t get me wrong. PowerPoint has its place,
Its place is the garage where – the same place where Kodak films are buried 
It is a tragedy that many are so crazy for bullet points, at expense of narrative points.


In my time, I ‘ve seen PowerPoint put more grown men to sleep in boardrooms than all sleeping pills combined.                                                              The most sad part is that some of these sleepers snore out – openly and mockingly.                                                                                                                                               You won’t believe what I saw recently. I saw someone talking in his sleep during a PowerPoint presenation.


You can’t make sense of the world with bullet points
It only engages the Broca ’s and Wernicke ’s area of the brain, not the whole brain!
That’s why it disengages your audience, bores them to death, and insults their intelligence.


PowerPoint is like an illegal alien,
Who has overstayed her time in boardrooms and deserves to be deported.
To where she belongs—  the graveyard with her uncle – MS DOS.


The boardroom is a place for engagement, not entrapment.                                                                                                                                                          It is also a marketplace for exchange of ideas, not a place to get people to tears boredom when they need                                                                 Tears of Inspiration delivered from moving and captivating stories.


PowerPoint builds a fourth or fifth wall in the boardroom and blocks communication
Not only does that cut people off, it does not build any bridges full engagement
It disenfranchises and does not empower.


If you want to change the world like Lincoln, Kennedy and Ghandi
Ditch Powepoint and embrace story point or narrative point in which you
To win the hearts and minds of your audience from the boardroom to the showroom.