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Authorities Acting Decisively in Swine Flu

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Authorities Acting Decisively in Swine Flu

Swine flu, bird flu and SARS have something in common. They are all viruses that can mutate and spread viciously.
I lived through SARS in Singapore as fire officer. About a third of my team was taken from my team to serve in the special task force in delivering basic supplies to people in home quarantines.  Based on my observations, the authorities in US and Mexico are moving decisively. 
airport checks
airport checks
Measures Taken Against Swine Flu:
  • Schools, churches and public gatherings have been closed in three states according to my friend, Dr. Juan Fraga, emergency physician in Mexico.
  • Over 1.5 million treatments are being administered in Mexico, mainly in the hospitals around the country


  • About  80 people are reported dead people, 20 from confirmed swine flu,
  • Over 1314 suspicious cases of swine flu
  • Private and public hospitals are packed with people with mild common cold symptoms or diarrhea thinking they have flu
  • In US, I watched on Good Morning America, a family quarantined in Texas. Quarantines from my experience in Asia, are very effective in curbing spread
  • Not many healthcare providers have been affected, at least 2 confirmed cases and 1 suspicious case.

 In an email communication, Dr. Fraga, stated, “I have been called by at least 30 patients in the last two days, none of them with flu”.”

My Fears:

Lots of people will crowd into the hospital with minor even when they have minor signs of flu. This will add stress to the medical facilities and that could spill over to the US

If lots of people stay home, as it is reported by my friend, the economy will suffer. 

When fear takes over the public spaces like theaters, schools, churches, it can amount to significant breakdown in the fabric of society. Let hope this does not happen or spread to US

How About Your Spring Trip to Mexico?

Are you concerned about your business trip or Spring trip to Mexico? Do not be overly concerned yet.

There is no travel advisory yet, but it will be worthwhile checking out the State Department ‘s site if the situation gets worse.

Will give you more updates later today.