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Articulating Your Vision and Mission Using Stories

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Articulating Your Vision and Mission Using Stories

basilica cote d' ivoireQuestion: How to articulate my vision and mission to stakeholder using stories?
Suppose you are a construction company, how would you empower your employees to offer their best so that your company can be one of the best in the country? How can you express your mission of being the best to your employees, such that they take pride in their work daily to help you reach that goal?


Telling them that your company, “XYZ Company is the industry leader,” is subjective and vague. It does not move your team to go the extra mile in their work. One way to do that is tell a story them casts your employees as heroes in what they do, no matter how small it may be.


There is an analogy that runs loosely as follows, thus: one morning, an old lady was out for a walk. She ran into a group of men working at a construction site. She asked one of them, “What are you doing?” Angrily, the man replied, “Can’t you see I am laying bricks?”


She was baffled. Then, she walked over to the second man and asked him the same question. The man looked up, smiled and politely said, “Madam, I am laying bricks that will be used in constructing the best cathedral in this city.”


The old lady thanked him, and walked off. She wondered to herself, “What a difference an appreciation of one ’s job can make!” The second guy ’s response was very refreshing. He seemed by proud of his work, very engaged, and focused.


Who do you think only had a copy of the mission and vision statement? Who do you think had both the statement and a full story (picture) of the significance of his job? Perhaps, the first guy only had a copy of the mission and vision statement read to him.


On the other hand, it appears that the second guy had a bigger picture or narrative about the significance of his work and he was a part of the big picture of becoming a top company.


This somewhat simple analogy demonstrates a story can do a better job of helping an employee to feel engaged, taking pride in his work and feeling that he is part of a bigger entity.