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Are You Ready?

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Are You Ready?

A crisis seldom happens overnight! Quite often there are signs. Are you watchful enough?

Readiness refers to the state of being fully prepared for an event. That event could be a flood, tornado, or a business presentation. Though I often talk about readiness mainly in connection with crises, I must say my appreciation of this topic is much wider, and deeper. I see readiness as a Mega Reservoir of Resources; from where to draw during a crisis.

To me, what drives readiness is mindset. Mindset comprises of 4 critical elements that shape readidness: insight, hindsight, commonsight and foresight. These elements strengthen your ability to ask the right questions and seek the answers before to tackle a threatening situation.

Insight enables you to have a capacity to analyse, examine and interprete interrelationships that are critical for survival during a crisis. One area of insight that is vital is detecting telltale signs of an emergency. Long before an emergency happens, there are usually many precursors; if you have insight, you can intervene.

This refers to the ability to learn from the past. Learning from yester, provides wisdom for today. It gives us some clues on what could potentially happen. Thus, hindsight is a good frame of scorekeeper, provider you ask the right questions. A historical analysis of 20 years is recommended, but is by no means a complete picture of all your historical threats.

There is great value in the information held by members of a community. Such information constitutes, facts, figures, opinions and more. Such information can be used or collated into knowledge that supports effective decisions. Crowdsourcing is one very effective way of harnessing the hidden knowledge within your community.

Do you have the ability or capacity to anticipate what could happen based on current conditions? That is a relevant skill for readiness. It helps you to think, plan and put in place the resources that you would need during a crisis. When there is no foresight, there is always a dogfight. The best way to do this is to regularly ask what could go wrong, others call it scenario planning.