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Animals in Disasters

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Animals in Disasters

Have you ever wondered what will happen to your pet in event of a disaster?

During evacuations, people often want to take the 3Ps: purse, photos and pets. Unfortunately, not all communities have pet shelters. During Katrina, some people refused to evacuate because there was not place for their pets.

During the recent floods in North Dakota, volunteers participated actively in sheltering animals in a public shelter for days before they were returned to their rightful owners. Some hotels do not provide for animals. 

The situation is a bit complex and varies from place to place.

It is important for you to determine or at least have a plan for your loved pet so that when a disaster comes, you know what to do. First you must check with your local authorities, what facilities or support they can provide to you with your horse, donkey, camel, dog, cat or whatever animal you own.

Please, tell us what you think. Would you evacuate if you are told your pet will not accompany you?

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