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All-Hazards Regional Evacuation Planning

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All-Hazards Regional Evacuation Planning

evacuation-signToday, I attended a regional evacuation planning workshop at the Washoe County Regional Emergency Operations Center in Reno. Conducted by Jonathan Best of Disaster by Design LLC, the day one focused on the importance of a team approach to planning for all-hazards.

After the first day, I went away with five key lessons to ponder over:

  • Preparedness starts at personal and family level- it is crucial to have family communication plan for the family to re-unite after an evacution
  • Cities need to plan for spill-over effects of handling evacuees from nearby cities of states- Nevada needs to plan to receive evacuees from California, Arizona, Utah or Oregon
  • Evacuation planning must take into consideration vulnerable populations with special needs
  • It is important to consider hospitals and healthcare as part of the critical infrastructure to be at the top of the list for evacuations
  • Public-private partnerships are crucial in planning, response and recovery during disasters  

As the workshop continues tomorrow, I will keep an eye on finding a different perspective on all-hazard planning.

Gideon F. For-mukwai, CEM

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