My name is Gideon For-mukwai For-mukwai. I consider myself a Story Warrior because I help businesses fight turf wars with a powerful invisible weapon called Story. With the right story, you can disarm the most ferocious enemy, and earn the support of the most lukewarm prospect or an audience.

My Super Power

My clients say I have a rare ability in helping them tell engaging, intriguing and inspiring stories. Initially, I did not believe them. Lately, I ‘ve come to embrace the moniker of Story Warrior; and yes, I believe that a well-told story is an Invisible Asset.

What ‘s My Story?

At heart, I am an educator. I enjoy teaching The Art & Science of Storytelling. This has taken me to many faraway places, places I never dreamt of visiting as a child, growing up in the dusty fields of rural Africa.

From Firefighter to Story Warrior

As a restless kid, I often got into trouble. Everyone called me a firebug and I struggled for years. After college, I became a professional firefighter in Singapore. In that job, I learned two unforgettable lessons. No fire is too small, and secondly, not all fires are visible.

These days, I no longer fight regular fires, however, I help executives fight invisible fires in their boardrooms and showrooms by leveraging the power of story in connecting, persuading and inspiring their prospects for a profit or purpose.

Join My Tribe!

Whether you want to deepen your connection with your followers, or be more relatable and likable, you can leverage the Art & Science of Storytelling. I believe I have a very unique perspective that I ‘ve honed from over 12 years of studying with the masters.

If you think I am your kind of guy, Join My Tribe!

Here is slice of my style of sharing and teaching with my exotic, or should I say “goofy” style?

Keep telling, inspiring, and keep them smiling!