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A Tale of Two Hikers

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A Tale of Two Hikers

400px-TillamookHeadMapLast week —

I trekked up the Tillamook Trail in Oregon,
On a sunny summer day on the Pacific coast
It came with a BIG life lesson – Ms. Opportunity lives next door to Mr. Proximity

Just for the record, I was not in great shape to hike even around the block
That ’s why I paid a price for my blind optimism for believing I am 19.
Sorry to say, I lacked the humility to recognize today is no yesterday

As I made my way up the footpath from Seaside Oregon,
Beneath towering pines, alders and hemlocks trees
I felt like a tiny squirrel at the foot of the Eiffel Tower

Every quarter mile, I stopped to nurse my feet, and later on blisters
Midway, I was caught day-dreaming – an Oriental guy came stomping downhill
Embarrassed I stood up and said…

“Hello, how is the trail up uphill?”
“Its good, but you can’t discover it sitting down.”
“Any spectacular views up there?” I asked promptly.
“Expect to see lots of trees and a more more trees.”

“Thank you,” I said and continued my slow climb. He ran downhill like a Kenyan.

Just before I got to the peak of the trail,
I met a young lady from Seattle; all by herself.
She sat beside a fallen hemlock trunk that lay across the path.

“Do you need help getting over that mighty trunk?” I asked.
“No thanks; am good!” she replied giggling at my frivolous question.
When I struggled to haul myself over the trunk, she asked me.
“Do you need some help getting over that trunk?”

All I could say grumpily was, “No!”

As she made her way downhill,
I asked, “Are there any spectacular views up there?”
“Yes, but you must look beyond the foot path to see the Pacific,” she said.

When I got to the top,
I realized the guy was wrong and the lady was right.
One trail, two hikers and two different views

At the PEAK!

I stood at 1350 feet above the Pacific Ocean!
Beneath my feet, I found a sweeping view of the Pacific Ocean.
Barely 9 feet from the beaten trail.

Edging on a treacherous cliff I saw
The scariest and steepest escarpment ever made
Perhaps designed, constructed and supervised by God Himself


I believe life is like the Tillammook Trail.
Some hikers see only the trees and the trail. Others see the breathtaking view of the Pacific.
What type of hiker are you? Do you see trees OR do you see the panoramic Pacific Ocean?

Unless you take step away from the trail, you wont’ see the Pacific.
Either way, the margin between trees and and views is very close. Proximity & Opportunity.