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A Rushed Social Media Strategy During a Crisis

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A Rushed Social Media Strategy During a Crisis

Let’s assume you have very little time to get a social media strategy in place during a crisis. Well, you should have been working on this, but as you know, other things got in the way. Now is Hail Mary or SOS Time. Mayday!

You barely have time to brief your colleagues and design a draft strategy. I suggest you include the following elements in your plan to make it worth its salt.

Metaphorically, I am saying, imagine you have to swim across a river. It is a life or death situation. How do you get to the other side? You need to determine how much time you need to do some stretches, ask for help from kayakers, get a life jacket, decide how to deal with waves at at worse sharks to be able to get to the jetty safely.

What is your goal or objective?
How much time do you have?
What resources do you need?
What specific tools will you use?
How will you get there i.e. which routes?
What kind of external support do you need?

If you can quickly find the answers to those questions, you have the blueprint of an effective strategy.
OK, there is no time to waste, lets get down to work. Have fun!