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7 Tips on How to Be Found Easily on the Internet

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7 Tips on How to Be Found Easily on the Internet

SEOSooner than later, if you can’t be found on the Internet, you will be presumed inexistent. Or perhaps, people will think you are hiding in a tiny spider hole somewhere in my home continent of Africa.

The more I get closer to social media, as a way of life and a way to reach out to my community, the more I learn some tricks of the trade.  Everyone needs these tools today. Emergency managers need these skills even more.

Over the last couple of months, I learned quite a bit about what geeks call “Search Engine Optimization”(SEO).  Based on my spattering of Chinese dialects, I know the word “SEO” sounds like the word “ SIAO”, which means crazy in one of the Chinese dialects I learned in Singapore.  Perhaps it is Hokien. Well, that is not the type of craziness I am talking about here.  SEO is another type of craziness, which drives you far ahead of the crowd; you want to do all possible to be rank at the top of Google and other search engines.  It is a different type.

Here we go with 7 Tips that will push you toward the top of the search engines.

Use Searchable Keywords.

A great part of being searchable is choosing a name, a word or phrase that is often used or talked about, regarding your subject of interest. If you can use right word(s) in your business name, then you are winning part of the battle. Furthermore, you can also use Google analytics and other key word selector tools online to find out which words are “hot” and which ones are “cold”.  You need to go through that trouble because that is what it takes to be findable, these days.

Use viral videos

A viral video is a video that spreads like crazy. It auto spreads itself because it is so engaging and funny to the point most people can’t stop talking about it or sharing it with their friends, fans and followers. Each time someone clicks on it, you are rising to the top. The trick is to upload and share your videos on video sharing sites like youtube, blip.tv, vimeo, viddler and so on. It does not have to be a professionally developed video. If you doubt me, ask the British singing sensation Susan Boyle.

Regularly Update Twitter Account

Based on my personal experience, the more often I update my twitter account or upload photos on Facebook, the more I get followers and friends commenting. It is an indication that I have a following and that is definitely an indication to the crawlers within search engines that I am fairly well known in my community. Thus for the crawlers, they wan tot reward me by making me even more visible to others looking for me. They reward findable people with upper pager rankings.  Page ranking is a sort of currency not to joke with at all and a war worth fighting.

Email Signature

This is easy and straightforward. Set up and email signature that comes with all your social media platforms of presence. This ensures that each time you write to someone or a group, they all have a chance to click and see where you are. In this way, they can reach out. Can you imagine how many people you write to every day and what and opportunity you are missing to put clickable link in front of them that will take them to you blog, Facebook et al.  Each time some one is looking for you, the more the search engines think that you are a big fish in a big pond, hence…

Saturate Your Profiles Across Platforms

The best part of social media is that it is free. It is more about us, not you.  It is about the team, not the stars. The best thing to do is to sign up to as many social media platforms as you possibly can. Saturate the tools with your profiles. Remember that your profile should be consistent. The more you are visible in many places, the more you will be recognized and this serves you well because you will have many inward arrows and eyes checking you out.

SEO is a game of numbers. The more you play, the better for you. In our next update, I will examine some technical elements of tricking the crawlers.