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7 Elements of a Magnetic Business Story

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7 Elements of a Magnetic Business Story

magnetMagnetic business storytelling is focused on generating buzz and drawing-in prospects through the power of word-of-mouth diffusion. A magnetic story is one that is highly memorable and repeatable. It creates story-advocates who take delight in sharing it with others.

Such stories are like urban legends and folktales that spread from person to person and sometimes from generation to generation. That’s what makes them special and sublime. They attract curiosity and radiate energy.

I ‘ve experienced the power of magnetic stories in my business. About 65% of my clients come through the efforts of 1% of my past customers who initiate conversations remotely; sharing some part of my story with others. These 7 points below, outline what I consider critical elements of a magnetic story.

1 Compelling Message
Magnetic stories are crafted to teach a compelling message from carefully selected facts, factoids and feats. Such stories are designed to be tight, as well as graphic, humorous and insightful.

2 Gripping Hook
A good magnetic story must have a gripping hook. This generates curiosity. It gets the listener to lean forward to learn the outcome. A hook could be a terrifying fact, a promise or a poignant question.

3 Relatable
Magnetic stories may leverage a current issue or popular culture to make the message stick. They may also elevate an unsung folk hero who deserves greater recognition based on excavation of the past.

4 Wired to the future
Magnetic stories tend to be about the future. This can be done by revealing a new path, trajectory or a road less-trodden to a better future. When done well, it becomes a symbol that inspires.

5 Porter
An ideal magnetic story shifts the spotlight from an individual to a community. It uses the protagonist as a vehicle or vector of transformation or delivery.

6 Resonance
Resonance is power. It is the energy rewards or pays-off the listener. The stronger the resonance, the further, it travels. Occasionally, there is an echo that travels backwards in the form of biz enquiries.

7 Compass
Magnetic stories must be noteworthy. This means that the listener experiences an intellectual or emotional shift that opens a new window of understanding towards a better future.

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