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6-Word Story

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6-Word Story

Got purpose?Can you tell a story about yourself in 6 words? Does it capture the essence of you, i.e. what your profoundly believe or stand for?

I gave this challenge to a group of soldiers in Singapore. They took it, in stride. From about a group of 60, there were many answers that got my attention. The finest was, “I am a problem-solver.”

More so, because the 6 word story tied in perfectly with a crucible story that explained why the guy is a fervent problem-solver. When the purpose statement ties well with the crucible story, synergy emanates. He explained that he comes from a family of math prodigies, but he was not good at math.

As a result, he sought for help from his father, but never had it. His father told him,  “Go figure it out or get help from your sister.” He went to his sister. She said, “Go figure it out or get help from dad.”

This round robin of go figure resulted in sobbing.  He was distraught that we was surrounded by talented people who were unwilling to help. Everyone was aloof. He got tired of asking for helping and decided to help himself. The rest is history. Slowly, painfully, and sobbingly, he figured a few steps, texts and books.

Looking back 20 years later, the young soldier said, it was a blessing that they did not help him. It awakened him to his innert talent and wicked instincts at problem solving. Today, he is inspired and motivated by people-solving. It gives him uninhibited joy to prevail over and over!

Each time, he feels like he just had the better of them over again! He advised is simple, “when you get a no, go forward with gusto.”