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6 ways to prevent cyber bullying

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6 ways to prevent cyber bullying

in september 2010, four teenagers died in suicide-related incidents that were motivated by cyber-bullying. every meaningful educator and parent must be concerned about this issue. stop, think and take some action. ask your kid: “how was your day?” try to do this everyday so that you can smell any signs of trouble in the horizon.

in addition to asking about their day at school, also advise your kids to observe the following:

#1 don’t give private information to strangers

information such as name, address, post box, zip code or family name.  such information can be used by predators to track your down. they are looking for easy preys.

#2 don’t exchange pictures

online predators may need your pictures for a variety of reasons. if the pictures are sexually explicit, they can sell them to online porn sites or display publicly to with malicious reasons.

#3 don’t click send when angry

whenever you are angry, do not click send to someone.  stop, think before your email when you are not comfortable. this will clear your mind and put you in a better state of handling the situation.

#4 delete email from people you don’t know

if you don’t know them and their intent, you are better off deleting the message. btw, if you respond, you are confirming to the sender that your email is active. thus, they can email you or torment you in future. stop, think and delete.

#5 get off your seat

when it smells like a dead rat, it sure is a dead rat. when something does not feel right, stay away from it. the chances are, it is not good. it is best to walk off or go away to avoid getting entangled. sometimes, it maybe impossible to get out of the cobweb.

# 6 beware online is not private

don’t fool yourself. anything online is somewhat in the ‘public domain’. others can copy it, manipulate with photoshop, reframe or rephrase it electronically, print and use it in ways that you do not have any control over.