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6 Nifty Ways to Turn Customers into Advocates

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6 Nifty Ways to Turn Customers into Advocates

Web 2.0 is a fascinating place. 1.8% of wikipedia contributors contribute over 72% the content. Some studies have also shown that 1% of web users are content creators while 10% interact with the content. The vast majority of others are just observers and spectators.

If your company can learn how to harness the power of the 1-Percenters, you can get a lot done in growing your influence online through web-based word of mouth marketing. It is a lot easier today, given the ubiquitous nature of web 2.0 networks. Here are 6 ways make this happen:

Identify and Classify
This means you have to identify and classify your customer based on level of online activity and engagement who your observers from influencers. Pay close attention to key influencers, their networks and what they create, critique, collect, or curate to share with others.

It is important to engage all, however it more important to engage your fanatics or evangelists who like to “preach.” The fans and fanatics in highly connected networks will be your best sales advocates in places where you have little access and influence.

There is nothing more important than getting feedback from your customers about what works and what does not work. Crowdsourcint enables you to have relevant data or feedback on real issues affecting clients. It is priceless research. Such feedback can serve as market intelligence.

What can you do to give your existing customers a mega phone to promote your services? If they are enchanted by your service or product, rest assured they will spread the good news about you. In this case, your job is to enhance their work by giving them apps, web widgets, ezines, white papers etc to reach more people with a relatively low transaction cost.

Pick a Cause
Another way to give the vocal 1 per-centers something to brag about, is to involve them in any social or community causes that you value or espouse. This will expand your boundaries to include more voices within your networks.

To enhance the mixing up of ideas both offline and online, create a forum for your fans and fanatics to meet, mix and share ideas and experiences. This gives them the possibility of exchanging and affirming the “awesomenss” of your products or services.