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5 Ways to Use LinkedIn to Respond to a Crisis

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5 Ways to Use LinkedIn to Respond to a Crisis

This is a second part of the my initial article on using LinkedIn during a crisis. If you need further information on the previous article, check – http://1xtramile.com/2012/06/how-to-use-linkedin-during-a-crisis/

1. Find Expertise
During a crisis, you have a desperate need to find someone with expertise in using Garageband; the Apple Software for editing audio files. Time is running out and you don’t have a quick answer; LinkedIn can be your best resource for this. By doing an advanced search on the keyword “garageband,” you may be surprised how many of your connections have a mastery of that software. Bingo! If you don’t have a first level connection with any of them, you may have a second level connection. Go from there by asking for an introduction.

2. LinkedIn Groups
You can use LinkedIn groups to size up the breadth and depth of your niche. This is possible in assessing how many groups exist, the size of existing groups and the relative level of engagement amongst the members. Beyond niche marketing, it is also critical to use groups to increase awareness and visibility for yourself or your organisation. Be proactive!

3. Generate Discussions
Discussions are hard to start and sustain, but once you have a hang of it, it will be very easy to use it to create a buzz or awareness about your projects or events. There are several ways to generate and sustain a discussion about an issue surrounding a particular disaster: dish out dirt about an issue, ask for help, request for quotes or blow out a controversy to attract attention.

4. Share
By using the link feature beneath the update box, you can share new links and other information about an event or crisis that is important to you or your community. With a bit of customisation, you can tweet the information, add a photo, or video as well as share a sound bite that your friends can use. When you do this consistently over time, you build your professional reputation as someone who takes interest in others.

5. B2B
It is understood by everyone that LinkedIn is the network for serious professionals. 58% of B2B marketers are using the LinkedIn. Unlike other social media sites, LinkedIn gives you the opportunity to also use the function to know who has viewed your profile. This is incredibly powerful from a business standpoint and it can also be very handy during a crisis. Getting to know if your detractors have been viewing your profile.