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5 Types of Stories That Most Captivate Audiences

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5 Types of Stories That Most Captivate Audiences

These 5 lessons come from a Hollywood storytelling legend, Michael Hauge. So who is he? Find out more about him below- after the post.

Michael Hauge teaches the importance of having a “story goal” i.e. what moves, fuels or drives the story forward. The easier it is to visualize a goal, the better it is for the reader or audience. It builds expectations in the minds of the audience as they try to conjure pictures of what the main character will go through or look like. Some compelling goals have to do with:
1 an escape from a dangerous situation,
2 to stop something from happening,
3 to deliver something of value to where it’s needed,
4 to retrieve something of value and return it to the right people (rescue stories),
5 to win something – a contest, game, love, respect, etc.
In selecting your business stories, choose stories that will enable your audience to picture what will likely happen. That creates a bit of suspense. Let’s say the goal is to escape; the audience will be wondering what kind of escape will it be? Is it an escape from jail, from an abusive relationship or an escape from Guantanamo Bay? That gets the audience hooked on finding out what happens next.

Brief Bio:
Hauge is known as a script consultant, author and lecturer. His works with A-List actors such as Will Smith, Julia Roberts, Jennifer Lopez, Charlize Theron and Morgan Freeman. As an author, he is most famous for his book, Selling your Story in 60 Seconds: The Guaranteed Way to Get Your Screenplay or Novel Read.