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5 Questions to Generate Authentic Stories for Branding

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5 Questions to Generate Authentic Stories for Branding

brand storiesI bet you ‘ve tried sometimes to write a story about your business and you did not come up with much. You scratched your head, starred at your keyboard, sipped your coffee and nothing much happened.  Hmmm, you groaned and later, you gave up. Sounds familiar?

I ‘ve been there. Many times? Yes. Since I started learning from the thought leaders, I have been getting a bit wiser. There are formulas. These formulas can help you unearth unique stories about you. If you can craft these stories, you can elevate your brand like never before.

How did I know? I ‘ve benefited a lot from my new-found awareness.  The more I tune into the questions below, the more I realize this is a gold mine. So instead of scratching your head, start scribbling your thoughts right now to the following questions. Call me, if need be.


1. What ’s the biggest lesson you ‘ve learned in life? [Biggest Lesson] aka BL

If you reflect about your challenges, I bet you can list one or two lessons from life. Each one of that constitutes a nugget of wisdom that you can share in your stories. Believe me, others will find this relatable and interesting. If it is relatable, it shareable! 


2. What ’s been the lowest moment of your life? [Lowest Lesson] aka 2L

Life is a like a journey through peaks and valleys, streets and alleys. If you look back to your life, you ‘d find some of those valleys. Tell us how you once got yourself into a valley, how it felt and how did you climb out of it out of it. Low moment are dumfounding, that’s why they are inspiring.


3. What ’s the scariest thing that ’s ever happened to you? [Scariest Thing] aka ST

Let’s face it the world is one scary place. People ’s expectations of you. Your family ’s expectations and all that is going on around you are work and in life. That’s not something to let go. Capture some of your nightmares, talk about them, comment on how you felt. We want to be wiser; so scary is hot currency.

4. What ’s the most exciting experience of your life? [Exhilarating Experience] 2E

Unless you ‘ve grown up in a cave, even if you did, am sure you have had some exhilarating moments. Tell us what happened. Did you visit another part of the cave, found your mate, or you ate the stolen fruit that was so sweet. That’s stuff of magic. Take us there. If you found it exhilarating, we find it stimulating.

5. What got you into this job? [What Got You Here?] aka WG

Depending on how many years, you ‘ve been working, it may take a while to piece together the chronology of event. What is important are the twists and turns, the dark and breakthrough moments. If you can capture that, it sure will interest because it gives us a fuller and a bigger picture of you.

Thus in essence telling your story only needs 5 elements: BL+2L+ST+2E+WGH

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