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5 Places to Find Stories to Promote Your Business

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5 Places to Find Stories to Promote Your Business

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Where can I find good stories that I can use for business purposes?

There are 5 places to find compelling and personable stories for business purposes. These include:

Personal Experiences
Everyday interesting, disgusting and unique events happen. Some teach important life lessons. The lessons learned from these experiences can be used in framing business concepts. So you can collect and curate these stories for business use? You can start a Story Catalogue i.e. a simple spreadsheet of stories today.

Friends and Family
Once in a while your friends and family members share some compelling stories or experiences that get you completely mesmerized. When that happens, make a note of it. If it is a remarkable incident, consider getting their permission to use it in future as a business metaphor.

Professional Colleagues & Resources
Occasionally, your professional colleagues will share stories from their work or family life. Some of these stories can be so unique that you regale your own family with the tales from your colleagues. Such stories can also be used in business settings with suitable credit given to the sources.

Customers, Mentors & Founders
Stories about customers, mentors and founder can be very effective in business settings because they are symbolic. Ideally, customer, mentor or founder stories are used in communicating with other customers or employees; however they can also be used for other reasons including instruction and persuasion.

Business Trips
When you travel, make a note of things that happen like missing a flight, luggage, or facing a blackout in foreign country. Such incidents are unique, yet relatable. With some exploration, each of them teaches a lesson that can used as a business analogy.

Generally, audiences connect better with stories of personal nature, so remember to use such stories because they will have a stronger resonance with your audience(s).