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5 oratorical lessons from obama

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5 oratorical lessons from obama

#  1. use slogans

in his run for POTUS, Obama used slogans masterfully in his bid to become US President. one of the most memorable slogans from obama ‘s 2008 presidential bid is, “yes we can”  or “si se puede”. not only did that slogan get more people into Obama ‘s tent, it did ring strong in the minds and hearts of his supporters from diverse backgrounds. slogans are as old as rhetoric.

# 2. use sound bites

one of the sound bites that is widely associated with obama ‘s campaign is “fired up, ready to go.” he used that sound bite and many others to galvanize and inspire thousands of supporters. although the sound bite was credited to south carolina assembly woman, he nonetheless used it to his support. sound bites are very effective because they resonate well in the minds of fans.

#3. self-deprecate

one of his strengths as a public is self-deprecation. his approach at mocking and teasing at his physical features such as ears endears him to his followers and supporters. he often referred to himself as a skinny kid with a funny name. self-deprecation works well both for comic relief and also to signal to his supporters that he does not take himself too seriously.

#4. appeal to core ideals

to some extent, obama was partly propelled into national stardom because he embraced core american values and articulated them in a most eloquent way at the 2004 democratic convention. his ascent without doubt rested partly on his rhetoric and his meteoric ability continuing to hammer on those issues for several months while in the senate. knowing the core values is one thing, but communicating them eloquently is the decisive element.

#5. build up of momentum in speaking

in most of his speeches he builds up of tremendous momentum by using long sentences with short nano-second pauses that lead up to a major point that deserves all attention. he uses long lists to emphasize, raise the tempo and hammer home key points in a decisive way. build-up adds drama, emphasis and taps into emotions. winston churchill was a master at this.