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5 linkedIn secrets to catalyze your job search

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5 linkedIn secrets to catalyze your job search

secret #1: keyword rich profile

to make it easier for recruiters to find you online, your linkedIn profile must be complete and rich in keywords. your keywords must be customized to the field that you want to pursue. when that happens, more recruiters will find you based on your keywords. your key, is keywords!

secret #2: get a premium linkedIn account

if you can afford a premium linkedIn account, you can get to know who searched your name or who viewed your profile. that is a nice way to determine your true prospects. unfortunately, this feature is not part of the regular free linkedIn account. premium account offers premium!

secret #3: contact people who searched you

once you know the people who searched you from your premium account, go ahead and contact them. indicate to them that you are keen to provide more information about your competencies. that is an indication that you are easy to work with. contact them is critical!

secret #4: join professional groups

like on other social media networks, there are hundreds of professional groups on linkedIn. very likely, there is a professional group in your field. make a request to join as many groups as possible and contribute when you can to the issues of the day. Be part of the conversation!

secret #5: be proactive

the key to landing a job sooner than later is to be proactive and to take charge of the process. that is how you will gain an edge over your competitors. reach out to recruiters and industry professionals; asking for a face to face meetings. being proactive can make or break!