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5 Highly Engaging Ways to Start a Business Story

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5 Highly Engaging Ways to Start a Business Story

engagedVery often my clients ask me, where do I start my story? Each time someone has asked me that question, I have often seen a bit of despair in their eyes. We all have lots of experiences: Good, bad, ugly, nasty, funny, weird, goofy and so on.

The best place to start a story, especially in a business context, is just before the climax i.e. where all the drama unfolded. Such a start is intriguing, compelling and if well told, it becomes contagious i.e. memorable and people like to share it with their friends.
Here are 5 ways you to start your business stories to keep them highly engaging and lively!

#1 Amazement

  • Start with something that amazed or surprised you
  • Do you know what connects the teller to the audience? Mirror neurons!
  • Starbucks, CEO, Mr. Schultz used this approach in telling his initial Starbuck experience
  • He also used the same approach in talking about his first visit to coffee houses in Italy
  • Readers or listeners love this. Your description feeds their sense of wonder

#2 Agony

  • Start with a story about a time when you were in agony or pain
  • This is attention-grabbing and relatable especially for those with similar experiences
  • W. Mitchell tells starts with a story of being in a “jail”
  • You can start with a time you were in bankruptcy, out of job or out of luck in life
  • It humanizes you. It tells others, you are a real person

#3 Astonishment

  • Start with a story about something that astonished or shocked you
  • Such a story earns instant connection because most people have been astonished
  • I was astonished when I found out my application for admission was rejected. Ouch!
  • You can go on to narrate how you felt emotionally. That will be a griping story
  • It allows your readers or audience to see and feel through your descriptive power

#4 Anxiety

  • Start with a moment of anxiety, terror, fear. Show us how you felt
  • Such a story gets your audience ’s attention because they want to find out the outcome
  • For instance, “OMG! our kayak capsized. I was so terrified and petrified with fear.”
  • This gets instant attention. If you can re-enact the incident with words, you got them.
  • From here, you can describe how you resolved the situation. Dramatic? Yes!

#5 Awe

  • Start with time you were in complete awe of something
  • Such a story connects the teller to the listener because the listener is curious
  • For instance you can ask a question to draw-in the audience and then start the story
  • Have you ever been in complete awe of some ’s beauty? I have. I was visiting Iraq when…
  • There comes with suspense. It gets the listener to lean forward to find out more