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4 Neurochemicals Every Marketer & Business Person Must Know

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4 Neurochemicals Every Marketer & Business Person Must Know

brain1. Mirror Neurons:

These neurons are fired in the brain when an action is performed or when you observe another person performing an action. When a storyteller shares a dreadful experience, both the brain of the teller and the listener undergo similar neurochemical changes.

This awareness can help us to craft more engaging and compelling openings that connect you deeper with audience by identifying actions that are stronger i.e. active verbs.
2. Cortisol
This hormone is associated with distress and it helps us to focus our attention during an important or stressful event. When a stressful story is being told, the hormone enables the listener to pay a much closer attention or focus.  Obviously, when the there is no focus, there would no opportunity for persuasion. Thus, it is a good thing.
Our understanding of this chemical can allow us to craft better climaxes in our stories. Knowing that they will get optimum attention, also gives the opportunity to plant key messages.
3. Oxytocin
Sometimes, oxytocin is referred to as bonding or intimacy chemical. It supports or encourages connection and compassion for another.  If a  story is void of these elements, it may be a lot more challenging to get an audience to take the next step prescribed.
A little more of this hormone will allow the audience to feel closer or drawn to the teller ’s message. Because this is “skin-deep” they do this without even realizing.
4. Dopamine
It is also referred to as a the reward chemical. It is secreted when the brain feels all is safe and fine, and survivability is not at stake. It includes moments like having a meal, or enjoying a comedy show. Magnetic resonance images (MRI) indicate that this chemical is secreted more when you tell a story about yourself, not so much about others.
This is an essential element for inclusion in the last part of the story arc, very ideal for entertaining and relaxing the listener in the pay off part of the story.

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