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4 Barriers to SME Productivity Growth in Singapore

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4 Barriers to SME Productivity Growth in Singapore

Productivity is found on the extra mile. In other words, productivity comes from doing something faster, sooner or better. Each time an employee makes an excuse; not to go that extra mile, productivity is taken hostage.  Here are the 4 “BUTs” that are undermining your productivity.

1. But my boss will not appreciate my ideas

This excuse is often the theme song of those whose ideas have been ignored before. Management can alleviate this problem by acknowledging all contributors. Starbucks is very good at doing this. They even blog about your ideas.

2. But am not that smart, am not a scholar

In a world that glorifies high scholastic achievement, this excuse is often expressed by those who have fallen short. For productivity to rise, all hands are needed on board.  This is the message that management must send to all employees, regardless of SAT, GPA or IQ scores.

3. But why bother, its not part of my job

It is often the main complaint of those who are overly job-description focused. Management has the duty to help staff see that a job description is only guideline. FedEx does a good job in this area by using storytelling. Strength based-hiring can also be used to mitigate this issue.

4. But am not one of the favorites

Employees who have been burnt by office politics are often withdrawn. They consider themselves victims of the system and therefore do just the bare minimum to stay out of trouble.  If the situation goes unchecked, productivity will be the scape goat.