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3Ds of Managing a Personal Crisis Meltdown

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3Ds of Managing a Personal Crisis Meltdown

Don’t let anyone fool you. Personal crisis can happen to you. I found out Sunday morning. After a long night of sleep, I was feeling agitated for no apparent reason. As a former firefighter, I thought I was immune to these type or personal crisis meltdowns There, I was twisting and turning in bed.
I seldom ever have a cold. Had planned to go to church, but that plan was perilously at stake. Fortunately, I had taken a Viber call from a pal in the US. I explained to my friend, (medical professional) my situation. Without hesitation, she said, “Don’t deny, conceal or blame anyone. Get help!”
Looking back after 3 days, she was right! Not only was her advice catchy, it worked. I slept longer as advised; I stopped cursing about the previous day’s tribulations. After more sleep, my restlessness was gone. If it had continued, I was suppose to get medical help as advised.
The next time you feeling an unprecedented meltdown, cool down and think about these 3Ds. They are simplistic but helped me on Sunday. Perhaps they can help you or someone you know. Now, I know I am as vulnerable as anyone else. Good wake up call.

Don’t deny
I was seriously in denial of my evolving situation that Sunday morning. I kept saying over and over, “I seldom feel like this.” In retrospect, it did not matter. New realities come. We must face them squarely. Denying it was not helping me. Have you ever been in denial? Its time to realise today isn’t yesterday.

Don’t conceal
Needless to say, I tried to show that I was in control. Very often, I am a very healthy person. Beneath the Macho facade, I am a regular guy. Why was I saying, “Never mind, I am OK.” when I was told to get medical help? My situations was my unraveling fast. Don’t conceal your pain, even Ironman is vulnerable.

Don’t blame anyone
The previous day, I had worked much longer – extra 3 hour. Unplanned. I was in the blame zone. “Oh may because yesterday I…” The cursing or blaming did not help. It was a wastage of words of extra brain power that could have been used in solution finding. Do you play the blame game? BTW, you can’t win!