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3 Ways to Use Stories in Framing Business Pitches

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3 Ways to Use Stories in Framing Business Pitches

tellyourstoriesWhen you use stories in framing and presenting ideas, you come across as polite and respectful to your audience. Stories are perceived as non-pushy. That not withstanding, they are persuasive and non-invasive.

The first frame draws upon the past, the second upon the present and the third upon the future.

Frame # 1 Disruption Approach of Pitching
It is the classic “once upon a time” approach. It starts with the norm. Sooner than later, the norm is broken or disrupted. This generates a complication, and that complication develops into another more grave complication. Things fall apart, until a new idea emerges to rescue the situation. It goes like this…
“Once upon a time there was … Every day … One day something unprecedented happened … Because of the unprecedented incident … Another complication ensued… Until finally X came to…”

Frame #2 Purpose-driven Approach of Pitching
The purpose-driven pitch draws is centered on personal power and mystique. It is brash, bold and brave about its mission and purpose in fixing our broken world in one area. This may be familiar to you.
My name is Steve, I love music but am fed up with the costly way in which music is distributed today. So I created a user-friendly system that makes music more affordable for every one today.

Frame # 3 Triple Q Approach of Pitching
This frame starts with 3 Test questions or teases to draw the listener-in. The questions also paint a beautiful picture of the future solution. The teasing transcends into a suggestion that the reality is here; and not in the distant future. Here is a the frame…
Did you know …? Did you know… ? Did you know …? Imagine if there was … You don’t have to
imagine it, we’ve created it. In fact…

In conclusion, let post you a challenge. Do you have a business presentation or pitch in mind? Share it with me and I can help you use these award-winning frame in the winning hearts & minds.